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2024 Guide to Patient Support Services

G1 Therapeutics

2024 PSS Guide

G1 Therapeutics G1 to One Patient Support Program

G1 Therapeutics offers the G1 to One patient support program to support patients who are prescribed Cosela (Table).

G1 to One

When you enroll patients in the G1 to One program, a dedicated Case Manager will help streamline the process of getting your eligible patients started on therapy with Cosela, including benefits verification, prior authorization requirements, addressing insurance-related delays, and connecting patients to financial resources. Financial assistance includes the G1 Commercial Co-pay Program and the G1 Patient Assistance Program.

To enroll your patient, visit the G1 to One program.

G1 Commercial Co-pay Program

Patients who have commercial or private insurance may be eligible to enroll in the G1 Commercial Co-pay Program.

To enroll your patient in the G1 Commercial Co-pay Program, call 877-821-2465 or visit G1 Commercial Co-pay Program.

TABLE G1 Therapeutics Oncology Drug

Patient support programs

Cosela (trilaciclib) for injection
To decrease the incidence of chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression in adult patients when administered prior to a platinum/etoposide - or topotecan-containing regimen for extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer
Patient support programs