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2018 AONN+ Annual Conference

What Does an Ideal Navigation Program Look Like?

Establishing an Effective Navigation Program
Katherine Sharpe, SVP ACS, discusses how to establish and sustain a navigator program that is in the best interests of the patient and benefits the care system. Read More ›

Creating A Wider Web
How to get the support you need. Crystal Dugger recommends ways to cultivate relationships with stakeholders that will result in better outcomes. Read More ›

Building an Interdisciplinary Team
Crystal Dugger describes how the ideal team should work for the benefit of the patient and to secure the highest quality of care. Read More ›

Critical Role of Oncology Navigation
Crystal Dugger states that oncology navigation is critical to the deployment of complex, value-based care. Read More ›

Doing the Right Thing Yields Robust ROI
Crystal Dugger offers insight on the business philosophy of Sarah Cannon (HCA) and the elements of a successful program. Read More ›

Finding Champions
Crystal Dugger suggests why it might be challenging to get key people onboard and suggests how to change that. Read More ›

Keep the Focus on the Patient
Crystal Dugger warns administrators to avoid “scope creep” by having their navigators take on too many tasks; she says the navigator’s focus must always be on the patient. Read More ›

Know Your Worth
Crystal Dugger stresses the necessity of standardizing and quantifying the value of a navigation program to the institution. Read More ›

Traits of a Sustainable Navigation Program
What does it take to sustain a navigation program for years to come? Crystal Dugger lists the most important ones for long-term sustainability. Read More ›