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Value-Based Care

At the AVBCC 12th Annual Summit in 2022, a panel of experts from Upstream Partners discussed the current state of value-based agreements (VBAs) in pharma and what lies ahead. Read More ›

The Future of Cancer Care Delivery
The future of cancer care delivery is shifting from fee-for-service to a value-based care approach. Read More ›

Value-based or alternative payment models have yet to deliver the cost-savings in oncology hoped for when these models were proposed, said experts at the 2020 virtual National Comprehensive Cancer Network Oncology Policy Summit during a panel discussion on best practices for value-based agreements. Read More ›

Value-based drug purchasing, better coordination of care delivery, and earlier institution of palliative care were among the measures to lower the cost of cancer care that were suggested during a panel discussion at the 2020 virtual National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Oncology Policy Summit. The discussion was moderated by Clifford Goodman, PhD, Senior Vice President, Comparative Effectiveness Research, the Lewin Group. Read More ›

An analysis of the Value Framework of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) shows that the Net Health Benefit score of cancer drugs continues to evolve over time after their FDA approval, based on data presented at the ASCO 2020 virtual annual meeting. This analysis showed a substantial change in more than 25% of cancer drugs in their Net Health Benefit 3 years after their initial approval. Read More ›

As the complexity of cancer care continues to evolve, adhering to evidence-based treatment guidelines is a growing challenge for oncologists. Read More ›

Cemiplimab-rwlc (Libtayo), a new PD-1 inhibitor, has transformed the treatment of advanced cutaneous squamous-cell carcinoma (CSCC), significantly extending survival for patients. Read More ›

New research highlights the importance of germline analysis in the identification of germline alterations for cancer treatment. According to a large analysis presented at the ASCO 2020 virtual annual meeting, nearly 9% of patients with advanced cancer harbor a targetable germline variant. Read More ›

Two studies presented at the 2020 American Association for Cancer Research virtual annual meeting confirm the value of different liquid biopsies in the early detection of different types of cancer.

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The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recently released a major update to its Patient-Centered Oncology Payment (PCOP) model, an alternative payment model designed to enable all oncology practices to deliver higher-­quality care at lower cost. The update comes more than 5 years after ASCO released its first model and incorporates feedback from medical oncologists in diverse practice settings, as well as practice administrators, payer representatives, and experts in physician payment and business analysis.

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