2022 Guide to Patient Support Services

QED Therapeutics

2022 Oncology Guide to Patient Support Services

QED Therapeutics ForgingBridges Patient Support Program


QED Therapeutics offers the ForgingBridges program to assist patients while taking Truseltiq (Table).


This program supports your patients throughout each step of treatment with Truseltiq and includes the Truseltiq Copay Assistance Program, Truseltiq QuickStart Program, Truseltiq Free Trial Program, Truseltiq Patient Assistance Program, and a Starting Treatment Kit complete with educational resources.

Truseltiq Copay Assistance Program

The Truseltiq Copay Assistance Program helps qualified commercially insured patients manage their out-of-pocket copay or coinsurance costs. Patients may pay as little as $0 per prescription and phosphate binders related to therapy, with a maximum benefit of up to $40,000. Patients may be eligible if they:

  • Have commercial prescription drug coverage
  • Do not participate in federal or state government prescription drug programs, including Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or TRICARE
  • Are a resident of the United States or a US territory
  • Have a valid prescription for Truseltiq for an FDA-approved use.

Patients enrolled in the ForgingBridges program will be automatically evaluated for the Truseltiq Copay Assistance Program. Click here if you would like to enroll your patient through the Copay Assistance Program Portal.

Truseltiq QuickStart Program

This program helps patients whose insurance benefits coverage for Truseltiq is delayed by more than 5 days. This program provides up to 2 months of Truseltiq at no cost to help ensure your patients can receive the treatment they need.

Truseltiq Free Trial Program

Eligible physicians who are new to prescribing Truseltiq may qualify for the Free Trial Program. Through the program, you may be able to help your Truseltiq-naive patients begin therapy within approximately 48 hours of being prescribed Truseltiq.

Truseltiq Patient Assistance Program

For eligible patients who are uninsured or underinsured, the Truseltiq Patient Assistance Program may be able to provide Truseltiq at no cost for the reminder of the calendar year. Eligibility will be reevaluated for continued eligibility in the following calendar year. Patients may be eligible if they:

  • Are a resident of the United States or a US territory
  • Have a valid prescription for Truseltiq for an FDA-approved use
  • Have no insurance
  • Have received a “no coverage determination” from their insurance company.

Starting Treatment Kit

Patients enrolled in the ForgingBridges program will receive a Starting Treatment Kit with educational information to help them get started on their treatment journey. Patients will also receive support calls from a pharmacy care team specialist to help patients get started on treatment, have access to nurse educators who can answer questions about Truseltiq treatment, and receive text message refill reminders to keep patients engaged and on track with therapy.

Click here to learn more or to enroll your patient in the ForgingBridges program, or call 888-552-7434.

TABLE QED Therapeutics Oncology Drug

Patient support programs

Truseltiq (infigratinib) capsules
Treatment of adults with previously treated, unresectable locally advanced or metastatic cholangiocarcinoma with an FGFR2 fusion or other rearrangement, as detected by an FDA-approved test
Patient support programs

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