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2022 Guide to Patient Support Services


2022 Oncology Guide to Patient Support Services

Daiichi-Sankyo Access Central Support Program


Daiichi-Sankyo’s Access Central offers comprehensive reimbursement and support services for patients who are prescribed Injectafer or Turalio (Table).

Access Central Support Programs

Injectafer Savings Program

The Injectafer Savings Program helps eligible patients with out-of-pocket Injectafer prescription costs. Uninsured and cash-paying patients are not eligible for this program. To qualify for the program, a patient must:

  • Have commercial insurance
  • Be a resident of the United States or its territories, including Puerto Rico
  • Not be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal or state healthcare programs, or third-party payers’ programs.

Injectafer Patient Assistance Program

Patients who are uninsured or commercially underinsured and need help paying for their Injectafer treatment may be eligible for the Injectafer Patient Assistance Program. To qualify, a patient must:

  • Meet established income limits
  • Lack health insurance completely or be commercially underinsured
  • Be a resident of the United States or its territories, including Puerto Rico.

Turalio QuickStart Program

Patients experiencing a 5-day delay in getting their prescription may be eligible for the Turalio QuickStart Program. To be eligible, patients must:

  • Be new to Turalio
  • Have commercial or government insurance
  • Be experiencing a coverage delay of 5 or more business days after submission of a completed prior authorization.

Additional terms and conditions apply.

Turalio Copay Program

Qualifying patients may pay as little as $0 per prescription of Turalio, with a maximum benefit of $25,000 per calendar year. To qualify:

  • The patient must have commercial insurance coverage
  • There are no income requirements for eligibility
  • Additional eligibility criteria and restrictions may apply.

Turalio Patient Assistance Program

The Turalio Patient Assistance Program may provide Turalio at no cost for financially eligible patients who are uninsured or underinsured. Eligibility criteria may be met if the patient has been denied coverage, is uninsured, or is functionally uninsured (denied prior authorization, formulary exclusion).

Medicare enrollees may be eligible for the Turalio Patient Assistance Program if they are unable to meet their out-of-pocket costs for Turalio and meet the required income criteria. Additional terms and conditions apply.

TABLE Daiichi-Sankyo Oncology/Supportive Care Drugs

Patient support programs

Injectafer (ferric carboxymaltose injection)
Iron-deficiency anemia in adults who are intolerant to or have had an unsatisfactory response to oral iron replacement therapy, and in adults with non–dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease
Patient support programs
IV Iron Reimbursement Hotline

Turalio (pexidartinib) capsules
Treatment of adult patients with symptomatic tenosynovial giant-cell tumor associated with severe morbidity or functional limitations and not amenable to improvement with surgery
Patient support programs

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