2020 Guide to Patient Support Services


LexCares is a comprehensive patient support services program offered by Lexicon to assist patients who are prescribed Xermelo (telotristat ethyl).

Xermelo is a tryptophan hydroxylase inhibitor indicated, in combination with somatostatin analog therapy, for the treatment of adults with carcinoid syndrome diarrhea that is inadequately controlled by somatostatin analog therapy (Table).

Carcinoid syndrome diarrhea is most often associated with neuroendocrine tumors.


LexCares provides several support services for patients who have been prescribed Xermelo in partnership with patient-centered specialty pharmacies, including:

Financial assistance that is provided to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs for patients who have commercial insurance, and to help identify the appropriate patient assistance program for eligible patients who have Medicare or Medicaid insurance coverage or no insurance.

LexCares’ expert care team provides up-to-date information as it becomes available, educates patients about Xermelo, and coordinates with the physician’s office for additional forms or information.


LexCares can assist patients who have government insurance (Medicare or Medicaid) or no insurance to identify an appropriate patient assistance program for which the patient qualifies.

Patients with commercial (private) insurance may qualify for a $0 copay for up to a maximum of $10,000 annually.

Eligibility for the copay assistance is determined based on the patient’s financial information, insurance status, and other criteria. To be eligible for copay assistance, patients must:

  • Have a prescription for Xermelo for an FDA-approved indication
  • Have commercial or private ­insurance
  • Meet certain financial need thresholds.


To determine what type of assistance the patient is qualified for, patients and their prescribers must complete the LexCares Enrollment Form.

The enrollment form includes the prescription form, patient consent form, and financial assistance application form.

Income documentations required to assess program eligibility include a written patient attestation, 1040 tax return, SSA-1099, and W-2 form. Completed forms should be faxed by the physician’s office to a LexCares specialty pharmacy partner.

Once the enrollment form and support documents are submitted and processed, the LexCares specialty pharmacy will verify the insurance coverage, and contact the patient within 24 hours to arrange the delivery of a Xermelo Starter Kit, which will include an initial supply of the drug.


Patient support programs

Xermelo (telotristat ethyl) tablets
Treatment, in combination with somatostatin analog therapy, of carcinoid syndrome diarrhea that is inadequately controlled by somatostatin analog therapy
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